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Lavasoft is a software development company that produces anti‐spyware software, including Ad‐Aware.
The company offers a free, downloadable version of Ad‐Aware titled Ad‐Aware Free Antivirus+ and three commercial versions called, Ad‐Aware Personal Security, and Ad-Aware Pro Security. Other Lavasoft products include Lavasoft Digital Lock, Lavasoft File Shredder, Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox, and Lavasoft Registry Tuner.

Lavasoft’s headquarters has been located in Gothenburg, Sweden, since 2002. Nicolas Stark and Ann-Christine Åkerlund established the company in Germany in 1999 with its flagship Ad-Aware product. Lavasoft was, in January 2011, acquired by the Solaria Fund.

Products Lavasoft

  • Anti-malware products: Ad-AwareLavasoft Digital Lock
    • Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+
    • Ad-Aware Personal Security
    • Ad-Aware Pro Security
    • Ad-Aware Total Security
    • Ad-Aware Business Security
  • Lavasoft File Shredder
  • Lavasoft Registry Tuner
  • Lavasoft Privacy ToolBox - the toolbox contains; Lavasoft File Shredder; Lavasoft Digital Lock and Lavasoft Encryption Reader (free).

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